A Legal Warning – Make sure your lawyer is qualified

On Thursday 16 January 2014, Arab News disclosed to the world that the Saudi Council of Engineers had sized over 30,000 fake foreign engineering degrees, and had had stopped a large number of such engineers from working as engineers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Having now been in the Kingdom for a number of years, I began to think about my own practice area, the field of legal services.

As a rule, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, only Saudi nationals are called a “lawyer” (in Arabic “Moohami”), foreign lawyers are called legal advisors, irrespective of the foreign lawyers seniority, such  lawyers provide advice as a minimum with the permission of a Saudi lawyer in accordance with the Saudi Lawyers Code issued by the Ministry of Justice.

Over the last seven years, I have witnessed and heard some rather disturbing facts; I discuss some of them below as a warning to users of legal services to ensure that they have vetted their lawyers.

Fake legal advisors
Some individuals have foreign law degrees and practice in Saudi Arabia as legal advisors, they have not qualified in their jurisdiction, accordingly not only are they not qualified to provide legal advice, but they are also committing an offence for which the individual should be reported to the police or where services have already been obtained, a complaint to the police or legal action before the General Courts (formerly known as Shariah Courts) should be commenced.

Non- practicing lawyers
Potential legal service users should also be careful of lawyers who have qualified as a lawyer but have not practiced as a lawyer. Client should take care to understand that having the qualification, does not automatically make the individual a “qualified” lawyer for the matter that the client needs assistance with. Remember that a fully qualified practicing lawyer has gone through both the academic and practical legal training over years to hone their skills.

Google translator lawyers
International clients expect that their lawyer will provide competent advice in their language, the common language being English, a very worrying trend is occurring where the lawyers first language is not English, they are effectively cutting and pasting English legal text into google and then based on that translation, they are giving legal and drafting advice. The advice usually is wrong and the drafting is usually atrocious to say the least.

The above are some of the major issues that clients will face, at least now you have been warned.

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